Monday, May 11, 2009

my art for sale

Gaby Silva Bavio was born in La Plata, Argentina. Her main influences are the Impressionist and the Expressionist movements. Currently she resides in Chicago.


I like to show all that inspires me in my art, things that range from everyday experiences, simple observations, to deeper feelings. I think that in my paintings you can see emotions such as love and anger, captured in different shapes, strong colors, and vibrant movements and textures. I obtained different textures using a variety of materials, some organic such as sand and soil, others like newspaper in collage and mixed media in general. I enjoy playing with lights, shapes and colors, both in my figurative paintings as well as in the non-figurative ones. I have lot of fun painting, but I the same time I really want to express my feelings; I believe you can see my inner thoughts in them.



2006 Chicago Art Open

2007 Abstract and Geometric, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago.

       Students and Faculty exhibition at Old Triangle Association, Chicago

        8”x 8”, canvas exhibition at ARC Gallery, Chicago.

        Chicago Art Open.

2008, Members exhibition, at Woman Made Gallery.

       Students and Faculty exhibition, at Old Triangle Association, Chicago.

2008 Chicago Art Open

Formal Training

2007-2008-2009  Drawings and paintings classes at Art Institute of Chicago.

2007                  Painting Classes at The Old Triangle

Association, Chicago, IL.

2005 – 2006                   Drawing & Painting Classes at Pallette and

Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago,                 

1978 – 1984                   Drawing & Painting Classes with Alicia Dufour, La

Plata, Argentina.

Industrial Design, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Fashion Design, Buenos Aires, Argentina












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